Narada’s Children is an exceptional reminder that the past is alive within us, and that all of our actions stand to resonate far beyond our own lives.

Woody Carter’s Narada’s Children is a transcendent novel in which a mysterious man wanders out of the desert and into a complex human story that defies the bounds of time. Wondrous prose and magical, interreligious themes make for absorbing reading. . . .                                                     Reviewed by Michelle Anne Schingler
"Forword Review "
May 18, 2016

Carol and I wanted to let you know how much we thoroughly enjoyed your book.   We especially  enjoyed how well you developed the characters along there spiritual journeys . They seemed so real!  The contrast setting from the horn of Africa to the modern day world of Oakland, Calif. was an amazing way of showng the Black struggle.
Narada was absolutely facinating. Such an evolved being who was able to heal the blind, give speech to the incoherent and heal the emotionally lost. We both liked the way you helped the reader througout the book to have an affinity for the different characters. 
 Phil and Carol DeCardo
 "The Saintly Life of Luther McKinnie"

I had a wonderful time reading Woody Carter’s first novel, Narada’s Children....Woody has an excellent ear for dialog. Characters and situations in both cities feel very believable.  As readers, we are also enchanted with the people and events in both eras and locations; and suddenly, we discover that we, the readers, are also being brought along on a spiritual journey that doesn’t reveal itself until we’re caught up in the narrative.  
Andy Martin, former English
Teacher and Publisher

This is a masterpiece.'s a story beyond fiction. ...It's a journey....Woody Carter long time yogi.  Weaved a story around culture....diversity and belief....with character's that represent diversity with dignity and substance....
Nurah Johnson